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A Clean, Responsible Alternative to Chrome Plating

Chrome Replacement

When we talk about chrome, we don’t mean cosmetic touches on cars – we’re talking about applications that demand a smooth, flaw-free surface that wears evenly. Maybe, for example, you are in the Food & Beverage Processing industry.

Traditionally, chrome plating was the go-to solution. Now, OEMs looking for that exceptional surface finish with durability have an option – HVOF applied thermal spray coatings.  Plasma-Tec has developed a coating with better wear properties and without the environmental or health & safety concerns of industrial hard chrome plating.



Other applications are:


  • Aerospace
  • Pumping of highly corrosive materials
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Tools & dies
  • Printing wear roll surfaces
  • Brake discs
  • Auto engine, drive train and suspension parts
  • Motor shafts
  • Aircraft landing gears and components
  • Machiner Parts
  • Medical devices
  • Commercial firearm components (not for personal fireams)
  • Anywhere a corrosive or erosive environment exists and a fine RA surface finish is required.

By choosing a carbide based High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) thermal sprayed coating from Plasma-Tec, OEMs get components with exceptional finish, in less time, and without subjecting the environment to the harsh chemicals used in a typical chrome plating process. Interested in learning more? Give our folks a call @: 616.455.2593 or email us @:

OEMs that choose Plasma-Tec's chrome replacement drastically cut lead time (it's not unusual to reduce lead time by half or more) as well as reliable delivery! The finish is smooth and durable. It is resistant to wear, and compared to traditional chrome, our HVOF applied hard chrome replacement performs 5 TIMES BETTER at abrasive tests!

Hard Chrome ReplacementKhaled on Cr Replacement

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For decades, hard chrome (Cr) plating has been utilized in applications that require corrosion protection and/or wear resistance and also in the salvage industry, for rebuilding worn or undersized components. While Cr plating offers certain benefits, it also has some decided disadvantages. In recent years, these disadvantages have led to a global interest in seeking a replacement. Tungsten carbide (WC)- cobalt (Co) and WC-Co-Cr coatings, thermally sprayed by the HVOF (high velocity oxy-fuel) process, have emerged as the likely replacement candidates.

There are several significant efforts underway to evaluate HVOF coatings and compare them to Cr plating. Some of the data obtained in the various efforts are inconsistent, even conflicting. In this paper, the results of the efforts, for which information is available, are reviewed in some detail. Potential culprits in the inconsistent and conflicting data issue are explored. It is argued that performance of any deposit, be that Cr plating or some HVOF coating, is a sensitive function of processing parameters and not a generic material property of that deposit. Suggestions are offered to improve confidence and minimize conflict in the data collected in ongoing and future efforts. It is felt that some collaborative research work is required.

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