Home Sweet Home

In building our new facility, we had the opportunity to deliberately engineer our new space to be an optimal manufacturing environment. The result – excellence in manufacturing. It’s an environment that allows us to work quickly, communicate effectively and frequently, ensure that high quality standards are met, and meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Every part of the new space was engineered to make the process of machining, turning, grinding, and coating your parts as efficient as possible. We are happy to welcome our customers for a tour of the facility, but we’d love to take you on a virtual tour of some of the best aspects of the new space right here.


Our Space

Where You can Find Us

Located in Moline, Michigan, we remain in the greater Grand Rapids area of Western Michigan. We love our community and it’s a pleasure to be a U.S. manufacturer participating in the rebirth of our great state.


Of the 30,000 square feet in the new building, 27,000 sq. ft. is dedicated to manufacturing operations. Each job flows neatly from the receiving dock through the machining, turning, grinding, coating, and quality control stations to the shipping dock.

The Plasma-Tec Ecosystem

The conditions of the production area are carefully controlled and regulated. The plant floor is lit to 45-50 foot candles (a standard usually found in areas designed for visual inspection for surface flows) and allows us to closely inspect each part throughout the process, in addition to the many tools we use to measure and inspect parts. The Quality Control room maintains a steady temperature of 68 degrees (+/- 1 degree) with carefully controlled humidity. This enables Plasma-Tec to accurately ensure your parts have been manufactured to your exact specifications, allowing us to maintain exceptional precision.

Protecting our Planet

Speaking of environment, we took steps to ensure we could do our manufacturing work in a responsible manner. Plasma-Tec was Green before Green was cool, and this new facility advances our previous efforts in this area. We recycle everything from heat, to the metal chips created in the machining process, to overspray while ensuring that we aren’t harming our surroundings with waste streams or noise pollution. Read more about this on our Green page.

Protecting our People

We greatly value our team members and it is very important to us that we have a safe work environment. We have advanced filtration systems in place all over our plant, but especially in the thermal spray room to capture recyclable waste and ensure our team members breathe clean air. We've also added two new spray booths, which provide noise reduction, as well as air filtration. The above specification lighting in the facility also lessens the strain on our hardworking team members and allows them to see clearly what they are doing.


"This is one of the nicest manufacturing buildings I get to go into... What a great facility, so clean and neat, and well-lit." - Steel Industry Vendor Rep



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