Green before Green was cool

Green before Green was Cool

We’ve long looked for ways to be an environmentally considerate manufacturer. As a company, it is important to us to make the world a better place. Our production facility was built and designed with that in mind. Here are some of the highlights:



In the manufacturing and coating processes, metal chips, grinding swarf, and overspray are part of the deal. We have built in systems to capture and recycle metal chips, the grinding swarf, dust, and overspray. This effort protects the environment and allows us to control costs for our customers.


Energy EfficiencyEnergy Efficiency

Energy use is a big deal! We carefully manage the processes and activities that use electricity. Energy efficient lighting throughout the facility consumes a fraction of the electricity of standard light bulbs. In addition to the lighting, our air compressors are state-of-the-art and operate in an extremely efficient manner, only drawing energy when needed.

Another reality of the manufacturing process is that heat is produced. We capture and reuse the heat we produce to keep the facility warm during cold –weather months.

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Energy Efficiency Proof


Clean and Safe EnvironmentMaintaining a Clean and Safe Environment

Due to our extensive efforts we don’t harm the environment with waste streams. We’ve also engineered our building to dampen sound, internally and externally, preventing noise pollution.



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