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Category: KeystoneXL

Obama vetoes Keystone XL bill

By Chris Wysong
February 25, 2015 Category: KeystoneXL, Policy

As expected, President Obama vetoed the Keystone XL bill Tuesday - only the third veto of his presidency. The move forces supporters of the bill in Congress to decide how they should proceed to override the veto. Obama vetoes Keystone XL bill By: Jennifer A. Dlouhy (FuelFix) WASHINGTON President Barack Obama on Tuesday vetoed legislation that would have authorized Keystone XL, handing a big defeat to congressional Republicans and oil industry leaders who have pushed for the pipeline. But the fight over the $8 billion project is far from over, with Republicans vowing to try again to force construction and a White House spokesman stressing that Obamas veto does not foreclose an eventual permit for TransCanadas proposed border-crossing pipeline. The action marked only the third time Obama has vetoed legislation since moving into the White House six years ago. In a message to the Senate, Obama said he was vetoing the legislation because it would circumvent longstanding and proven processes

VIDEO: Alberta Premier on Keystone debate

By Chris Wysong
February 09, 2015 Category: Oil, KeystoneXL

In this video from Fox Business, Alberta Premier Jim Prentice discusses his recent visit to Washington and his thoughts on the future of Keystone XL. VIDEO: Alberta Premier on Keystone debate By: Fox Business See the video here.

House votes to fast-track Keystone XL pipeline

By Chris Wysong
January 14, 2015 Category: Oil, KeystoneXL

The last major legal obstacle for Keystone was removed in the Nebraska Supreme Court last week, allowing the bill to be passed in the House and moving the project closer to a reality. House votes to fast-track Keystone XL pipeline By: Elana Schor The House voted Friday to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, seizing on the momentum from a Nebraska Supreme Court ruling hours earlier that removed the last major legal obstacle to building the politically charged oil project. Now the action moves to the Senate, which will take up its version of the Keystone bill next week. Taken together, the vote on the Hill and the court decision will put the issue squarely in the hands of President Barack Obama, who has put off making a decision on the Canada-to-U.S. oil artery during his six years in the White House. In the legal ruling early Friday that rejected arguments from three anti-Keystone landowners, the Nebraska justices upheld a 2012 state law that allowed Republican Gov. Dave Heineman rather

Oil Pipeline To Top US Senate Agenda Next Year

By Chris Wysong
December 17, 2014 Category: KeystoneXL, Policy, Oil

New Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has made it clear that Keystone XL will be a top priority in the new Senates agenda next year. Oil Pipeline To Top US Senate Agenda Next Year By: Stephen Ohlemacher (AP) WASHINGTON (AP) Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell declared Tuesday that approving the Keystone XL pipeline will top the Senate agenda in January, potentially setting up an early veto confrontation with President Barack Obama. Congressional Republicans have been pushing for approval of the pipeline for years. Obama has resisted because of environmental concerns. People want jobs and this project will create well-paying high-wage jobs for our people, McConnell told reporters. Were optimistic we can pass it and put it on the presidents desk. The $8 billion pipeline would carry oil from Canada into the United States and eventually to the Texas Gulf Coast. It has become a symbol for divisions over the countrys energy and environmental policy. Environmentalists say the

US House Votes to Approve Keystone XL Pipeline; Senate Prospects Unclear

By Chris Wysong
November 17, 2014 Category: KeystoneXL, Policy

Keystone XL has cleared the House but the bill remains uncertain in the Senate and with President Obama. Timothy Gardner of RIGZONE reports. US House Votes To Approve Keystone XL Pipeline; Senate Prospects Unclear By: Timothy Gardner WASHINGTON, Nov 14 (Reuters) - The Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives approved the Keystone XL pipeline on Friday, but a similar measure struggled to get enough support in the Senate and President Barack Obama indicated he might use his veto if the bill does get through Congress. The legislation, approved by 252 votes to 161, circumvents the need for approval of TransCanada Corps $8 billion project by the Obama administration, which has been considering it for more than six years. House lawmakers were confident the Senate would follow suit and pass its version of the bill. The bills sponsor, Republican Representative Bill Cassidy from Louisiana, said before the vote the House would make it as easy as possible for the Senate to finally get

Canadian PM Says US Will Approve Keystone XL Pipeline Eventually

By Chris Wysong
September 29, 2014 Category: KeystoneXL, Oil, Policy

While speaking to an audience of executives in New York, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said that eventual approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline will be inevitable, adding that US need for the pipeline is still present despite economic growth. Canadian PM Says US Will Approve Keystone XL Pipeline Eventually By: Liana B. Baker NEW YORK, Sept 24 (Reuters) - Logic dictates that the United States will one day approve the northern leg of TransCanada Corps controversial Keystone XL crude oil pipeline, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper told an audience of executives in New York on Wednesday. Im not going to speculate on timelines other than to say the obvious benefits and merits of the project.... mean that the logic is it will be approved at some point in the future, he said. I think its eventual approval under the right circumstances is inevitable. Harper also said that while increased U.S. oil production has changed the economics of the industry, the need for the pipeline

Keystone XL needs new S.D. permits; may reignite debate

By Chris Wysong
September 09, 2014 Category: KeystoneXL, SouthDakota, Legislation

TransCanada plans to reapply for permits to build across South Dakota for the Keystone XL pipeline. Keystone XL President Corey Goulet says the process will be procedural, but others view this as an opportunity to reopen the debate in South Dakota, requiring more discussions and decisions before a final word can come on the project. Keystone XL needs new S.D. permits; may reignite debate By: Peter Harriman The Canadian company seeking to build the politically contentious Keystone XL pipeline plans to reapply for permits from the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission within the next two weeks. TransCanada received permission from state utility regulators to build across South Dakota in 2010 but the original permits lapsed in June as the company continues to wait for White House approval. Keystone XL President Corey Goulet said in an interview Thursday that the process will be procedural rather than a new, in-depth review of the project. The Canadian company seeking to build

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