Plasma-Tec On-Time

Orders Shipped On-Time

At Plasma-Tec we know it is essential for you to have your parts when you need them. That’s why we put so much emphasis on meeting the targeted shipping dates. We have the right processes, and more importantly the right people in place to take your component from concept through shipping.

We are so committed to meeting deadlines that we guarantee your order will ship on-time. If your order ever does ship late, we pay your shipping costs for the order.

Need an Expedited Order?

Sometimes circumstances pop up and you just have to have something immediately. We understand that and will gladly make arrangements with you to expedite your order. Our turnaround on expedited orders is lightning fast. Just contact one of our team members and we’ll tell you what we need from you to make it happen. Whatever your situation, we will make every effort to make it happen!




Our Guarantee

We ship it on time or the
cost of shipping is on us!