Plasma Spray

Plasma-Tec Plasma SprayPlasma Spray Coatings

Plasma spray coatings are ideal for applications requiring the highest protection levels such as aircraft engine hardware, agriculture products, mining equipment, engine components, rotary equipment parts and pump components.

Through application of specific materials, coatings can be applied to resist abrasion, corrosion, erosion, fretting, friction and galling. Some common applications for plasma sprayed coatings are: pump idler pins, shafts, bushings (ID & OD), pump plungers & sleeves, compressor rods, capstans and drawing dies.

The process uses a plasma generator as a thermal and kinetic energy source to spray cast droplets of molten materials against an appropriate substrate. Uniform deposits of rapidly quenched splats are collected to form coatings or structures (substrate removed). Deposits can then be machined to precise dimensions. By eliminating the need for a secondary brazing operation, the sprayed coatings are economical in both initial manufacture and overhaul.


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