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Rokide Spray Coatings

Rokide® Spray Coatings

Ceramic Oxide Rods
The Rokide Spray System is a unique process utilizing ceramic oxide rods. The resulting ceramic-based coating provides excellent durability under extremely demanding conditions. Rokide coating is especially suited for applications requiring extreme dry abrasion wear resistance. Industries such as paper, petrochemical, oil, wire, and aviation/aerospace benefit tremendously from Rokide ceramic coatings.

In the Rokide process, ceramic rods are melted, atomized and sprayed at high velocity on the surface to be protected. Rokide forms an extremely hard, flexible and chemically inert coating that can be used as sprayed or finish-ground to a specified tolerance. This process requires no water, electrical power, or inert gases. Maintenance can be done in-house and does not normally require outside technical assistance.

Rokide rods are available in many ceramic oxide compositions, allowing our coatings engineers and customers to choose the most appropriate formulation for a specific application.

Advantages of the Rokide ceramic coatings:

Improved Wear Resistance

Improved Wear Resistance

Ceramic coatings are much harder and much more resistant to wear and abrasion than metals. Ideal for pump components where sand, dirt, or other abrasive particles are present.

Improved Heat Resistance

Improved Heat Resistance

Rokide coatings improve metal components with the protective properties of ceramic at temperatures up to 4500oF. Ideal for rocket engine exhausts and jet engine components; also appropriate for hot extrusion dies or components in contact with hot metal.

Electrical Insulation

Superior Electrical Insulation

Ideal for parts used in electrical components. Can be used in wire-wound furnace cores and copper induction heating coils for both heat and electrical insulation.

Superior Corrosion Resistance

Superior Corrosion Resistance

Ceramics are chemically inert, even in the presence of many corrosive chemicals, yet provide structural strength that other inert substances such as plastic lack. Rokide coatings are therefore ideal for chemical and process industry applications.

Reduced Weight

Reduced Weight

In many applications, the total weight of the components in a process is a critical factor. Rokide contributes minimal weight to components yet provides superior protection and strength.

Material Cost Savings

Material Cost Savings

Many Rokide coatings can give superior properties to relatively inexpensive materials. For example, a stainless steel pump body can be replaced by less expensive cast iron and coated internally with Rokide. Value engineering can uncover many opportunities to reduce operating costs.

Reconditioning of Worn Parts

Reconditioning of Worn Parts

The expense of replacing worn parts can be greatly reduced or even eliminated by reconditioning with Rokide coatings. Parts can often be reconditioned on location, saving the costs of removing, transporting and reinstalling.




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