Sleeves, Rings and Collars

Pump Casing Ring


Shaft Sleeve

Pump Wear Ring

Aluminum Bronze Sleeve

Centrifugal Pump Sleeve

Shaft Sleeve

Sinker EDM Sled Key in Pump Shaft Sleeve

Stainless Steel Sleeve

Thermal Spray Coated Sleeve

Sled Kegway - Pump Shaft Sleeve

Pump Wear Ring

ID Coated Tapered Stainless Steel Liner

Heat Treated Sleeve/CNC Milling/CNC Turning

Pump Sleeve/Milled Keyway/Sprayed and Fused

Pump Wear Ring/CNC Turning

Seal Ring/ID Spline/CNC Turning

Sleeve/CNC Turning/Grooved/HVOF Carbide

Tapered Stainless Steel Liner/Rokide Coated